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I’m often asked if, in the midst of a career creating sounds for others, I find time to create music myself. The truth is I do find time, but it is difficult. Sometimes I’ll be inspired and creating a new sound, and I’ll have to make the tough decision whether to continue to work on a song around the sound – or to finish off the sound and move on to the next one. So the life of a sound designer and a songwriter is a balancing act indeed!

With that said, even as I’ve written music since the mid-90s, today I’m releasing my first album – Oases. In the spirit of the season, I release the album with a humble heart – the album is 100% pay-what-you-want, and yes you can pay $0 if you choose. My main goal with the album is for people to listen to it and enjoy it, nothing more. The release is on Bandcamp, and that means it is available in MP3, FLAC and a variety of other formats.

On the music itself, I would describe it as electronic instrumental downtempo. Of course, most was written in Reason, often Rewired with various VSTs. If you’d like to know more about the album check out the description on the Bandcamp page.

Draw has already happened and winners have been contacted, thanks all who entered!

To celebrate the release of the album, I’m going to be drawing a variety of prizes for anyone who downloads the album (regardless of how much you pay, even if you download it free you are entered in the draw). On January 17th, 2017 I’ll randomly draw these prizes:

1 XL Black Propellerhead Kong T-Shirt
1 XL White Propellerhead Reason T-Shirt
1 BFD Core ReFill Download
1 Beat Crush Rack Extension
1 ReCombination ReFill Download

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