Tres Combination

There is no doubt that FXpansion’s Tres synthesizer, is one of a kind. The perfect mix of crystal-clear oscillators, surgically-precise filters, combined with an extreme amount of modulations. One of our best sound-designers crafted an inspiring collection of ethereal pads, deep saturated basses, and a wide variety of intense leads. Each combinator is unique, giving you the option to adjust the timber, tone, warmth and spatial-width of the patch. Our carefully-sculpted RAW RE and Combinator patches take you further into the sound design capabilities possible with TRES. This description has barely scratched the surface of what’s capable with this synth and what we have accomplished with this ReFill. We have made sure that you can clearly find the right tone for your next chart hit here.

-64 Unique Tres Combinator instrument patches
-64 Tres Rack Extension instrument patches
-1 Demo song (Reason 8 document)
-Propellerhead Reason 7+ and FXpansion – Tres Rack Extension required

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Date Created: 29/05/2015
Last Update: 29/05/2015
Current Version: 1.0
File Size: 9MB
Requirements: Reason 7+ , FXpansion Tres Rack Extension
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