Europa Relay

Europa Relay is a huge cinematic sound-bank for Propellerhead’s Europa synthesiser.

Relay consists of 150 patches, with a focus on stunning ambient textures, atmospheric pads, deep chords, massive bass, rhythmic sequences, and expressive keys.

Following on from working on the Europa factory sound-bank, Relay was built with the idea of pushing Europa’s strengths as a versatile, highly modulatable sound source. The patches contained sound richly detailed, and are also designed to be quickly usable in a real-world composition & production environment. Whether you’re looking to give your productions a slick cinematic flair, or whether you’re after an eclectic sound-bank to use as a complete palette of sounds, Relay is for you.

Relay was inspired by a multitude of expressive electronic music and cinematic scores. Deep Boards Of Canada-twinged chords, hugely detailed Steve Roach-esque soundscapes, and aggressive electronic bass drones a’ la Mick Gordon’s Doom soundtrack complement an impressive array of keys, sequences, and synth leads to provide you with a well-rounded, versatile sonic palette.

All of the patches contained in Relay are designed to sound great out of the box and in the mix, and include full mod-wheel mappings in every patch.

Relay works with both the VST/AU plug-in version of Europa as well as the Reason 10 version of Europa.

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Date Created: 02/11/2017
Last Update: 02/11/2017
Current Version: 2.0
File Size: 95.6MB
Requirements: Europa VST/AU or Reason 10
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