Transisthor Bass & Rhythm

Navi Retlav Studio in collaboration with Odarmonix presents the “Transisthor Bass & Rhythm” ReFill. Using Thor synthesizer and stock Reason devices, our ReFill recreates the sound of the TB-303, TR-606/DR-110, TR-808 and TR-909. The 303-patches feature an extremely accurate emulation of the original TB-303, versions inspired by modification sets such as the “Borg“ and the “Devilfish”, as well as a tribute to ReBirth RB-338’s 303-emulation. All the synthesized-drum sounds have sampled versions for Kong, with up to 8x round-robin, covering the most relevant possible settings offered by their synthesized counterpart in Single-Output and Multi-Output versions.Taking full advantage of Reason’s modular nature, the included patches offer creative possibilities that the original devices could only dream of. We could not resist adding optional variations of the main instrument patches that make good use of a handful of well-chosen Rack Extensions, to further improve the potential of this ReFill. It also comes with patches for many popular Rack Extension effects. These RE’s are not mandatory, the main patches can be freely used without them, but we encourage you to try them.The included demo songs are your perfect guide through the complexity of this ReFill patches. It’s a powerful tool for Techno and House to ACID, Downtempo, Trap and anything inbetween.


-123 Combinator instrument patches (TB-303, TR-606/DR-110, TR-808, TR-909 emulations)
-40 Combinator effect patches
-8 NN-19 patches (utilizing 84 single-cycle waveform samples)
-10 Thor patches
-6 Kong kits
-818 Kong Drum patches
-1295 Drum samples (150 MB Unpacked)
-105 Rack Extensions patches Battle Axe, Beat Crush, Cerberus, Chenille,Amplifikation Creme, Echobode, Elements Chorus, Elements -Distort,Elements Lo-Fi,Elements Phaser, Faturator, Polar, RPDistort, Runciter, Softube Amp, Softube Bass Amp, Synchronous, Tritone, Uhbik G, Uhbik P, Amplifikation Vermilion)
-148 Utility device patches (Step Note Recorder, ModPanel12, Newtrol12, Propulsion, System9)
-Optional Rack Extensions used in Combinator patches include: CV8X4, CV Tuner, ModPanel12, Newtrol-12, Volt SL-1, System9, Morfin XF, Resampler, t00b, Audiomatic Retro Transformer, Yoko, Onyx 430i, ReMark and Selig Gain, CV-2 Meter, Elements Filter, SPLEX, BeatChop, CV-8 Gateway, CMD:Constants, Equation Jr, CV Mutant, Selig DeEsser, Selig Leveler, C1-L1, Saturation Knob, TableOscillator, Disperser and Ammo 1200BR
-10 Demo songs (Reason 7 document)
-Propellerhead Reason 7+ compatible

New in version 2:
Total files count: 2911
-ReMarks in Drum Kits Combinators now have color-coding for better navigation and overview of the busy content.
-Global softclipper added to Drum Kits Combinators.
-Small improvements on the synthesized drums. Most notably: more exponential decay on the 606 and 808 closed hihat, noise “tail” added to the 606 and 808 snaredrums, improved 909 bassdrum decay, fixed phase inconsistencyies on the 909 snaredrum, high-pass filter added to 808 claves and rimshot, slightly higher noise level on all the snares. Version 1 is still available either via separate patches or Button 3 on the Drum Kit Combinators.
-Propulsion version for all Drum Kit Combinators.
-Improved individual synthesized drum patches with amp velocity, constant gate length and keyboard-tracked version. Keyboard-tracked bassdrum patch have a constant tune option, basically preserving the transient stage’s original punch regardless of the playing key.
-Additional patches for Bassline separate modules, most notably unison version and continuous sawtooth to square knob.
-Amp Release CV8X4 knob on Bassline Expansion patches goes down to Thor’s minimum (3,2 ms).
-Several additional NN-19 and NN-XT patches for the sampled Bassline square wave.
-New stock device Combinator FX patches and new RE Combinator patches, as well as new .repatch files for the following REs: Elements Chorus, Distort, Lo-Fi and Phaser, Polar, RPDistort, Softube Amp and Bass Amp. Used REs in new Combinator patches include CV-2 Meter, Elements Filter, SPLEX, BeatChop, CV-8 Gateway, CMD:Constants, Equation Jr, CV Mutant, Selig DeEsser, Selig Leveler, C1-L1, Saturation Knob, TableOscillator, Disperser and Ammo 1200BR.
-New utility device patches including: 100 original 303 patterns for Step Note Recorder, 12 drum pattern sets for both Propulsion and System9 + 12 corresponding syntesized drum kit settings patch files for both ModPanel12 and Newtrol-12.

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Date Created: 29/05/2015
Last Update: 10/10/2016
Current Version: 2.0
File Size: 149MB
Requirements: Reason 7+ & OPTIONAL Rack Extensions listed in description
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