SoundCell X Patches for Steinberg Xphraze

Get ready for Nucleus SoundLab to breathe new life into wavesequencing! Nucleus SoundLab is proud to present a brand-new Xpansion for Xphraze: SoundCell X.

SoundCell X brings Nucleus SoundLab’s unique sampling expertise to Xphraze. Within its depths are a variety of sounds crafted for cutting-edge electronica and beyond. Razor-sharp digital pads, morphing wind instruments, rhythmic glitch sequences and unreal ambiences are just some of whats included. Details:

  • 1GB (uncompressed) of raw waveforms
  • 118 hand-optimized and looped multisamples
  • Loaded with 129 Combis and 242 patches programmed by 5 different designers
  • Presets organized by type (pad, lead, sequence, etc.)

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Date Created: 12/01/2007
Last Update: 12/01/2007
Current Version: 1
File Size: 585 MB
Requirements: Xphraze VST
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