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Shreddage is the hit guitar virtual instrument by Impact Soundworks used by thousands of composers and producers worldwide. Armed with this ReFill, you can write and perform virtually any rock or metal rhythm riff, from the fastest galloping palm mutes, to spacey vibrato, massive powerchords, or anything else you can think of.

Designed with heavy amped genres in mind, Shreddage was recorded clean (direct in) so you can add whatever tone you would like, or even use it totally unprocessed. The included all-in-one Combinator patches have an excellent chain built right in already, which you can use as a basis or add your own pedals and amps.

To achieve the greatest possible realism and the heaviest sound, a 6-string electric guitar was recorded starting at an insane Drop Ab (!) and going up three octaves. Monster power chords, multiple intensities of palm mutes, full chokes, harmonics, vibrato, scrapes, slides, tremolo, and other key playing techniques were all captured, with the core sustains and mutes of the library including up to 8x RR variations (4x up and 4x down strokes).

Playing Shreddage can be done without any complex MIDI commands or special layering. Just load one of the master Combinator patches, adjust the tone to your liking, and all articulations are available at once. The left hand is used for power chords, the right hand for single notes, and then lower velocities for more muted notes and higher velocities for more open and aggressive ones. Tapping and holding keyswitches or the modwheel are used to trigger other sounds like slides, harmonics, and squeals.

Whether you are mocking up a rock and metal track, creating one from scratch, or you just want to add powerful electric guitar rhythms to your soundtrack, pop tune, or EDM hit, Shreddage is your ideal tool.

  • The ultimate guitar library for rock/metal rhythm!
  • Thousands of samples w/ clean DI tone
  • Drop Ab tuning
  • Custom amp, fuzz and FX Combinator controls
  • All-in-one / keyswitch Combinator patches
  • 8x round robins (4x up/down strokes)
  • Single notes, powerchords, aggressive sustains
  • Palm, half and aggressive mutes
  • Pinch squeals, full chokes, vibrato
  • Harmonics, neck slides, pitch scrapes

Note: These demos showcase the AMPED sound of the library using a variety of virtual amp tools! All samples included are clean (direct in), so you can customize the tone to your liking.

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Date Created: 13/01/2014
Last Update: 13/01/2014
Current Version: 1
File Size: 320 MB
Requirements: Reason 6.5+
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