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Resonance is an incredibly unique library that contains a collection of custom-made instruments crafted from stone, glass, metal, and wood. We recorded thousands of sounds using a variety of creative and experimental playing and recording techniques, evoking a wide range of timbres: ethereal bowed stones, powerful metal strikes, subtle wood percussion, beautiful glass belltones, and much, much more.

When we set out to create a new library built from custom, unique instruments, we were initially planning on just a few deep-sampled sounds. However, as the vision for Resonance became clearer, we decided that a whole collection of such deep-sampled instruments would be an incredible tool for all types of composers and producers working in any number of genres. As the recording sessions progressed, we constantly experimented with new techniques, mics and tools; each new sound we discovered was inspiring and had to be included.

As we combed through the recordings, we found that the wealth of sounds were ripe for further sound design. With the help of programmer and sound designer Iain Morland, we took it upon ourselves to create a suite of versatile textures, ambience, pads, basses, leads, impacts and percussion built from the original audio. As with our other libraries, we intended for Resonance to be immediately playable, useful and intuitive.

This library was not designed to be “epic” – though you can certainly use it for that. There are countless sample libraries available that focus on big, loud percussion, or dramatic sounds soaked in reverb. Our vision was instead to capture these amazing found & custom instruments in a more intimate setting; close-miced with a touch of room air (and in great depth, of course!) Inspired by composers like Thomas Newman and Danny Elfman, we hope you will find the wide variety of timbres in Resonance to be as usable as they are inspiring.

  • Over 4,000 pristine samples
  • Deep sampled velocity + RR layers
  • Dry, close-miced sound with a touch of air
  • Mallets, fingers, hand and bowed playing
  • Tonal, atonal and percussive sounds
  • Extensive sound design/FX collection
  • Aquarion, stonaphone, pipeharp, wrenchaphone
  • Boltophone, glass gong, bass tongue drum
  • Glass tongue drum, metal whale drum, metal sheet
  • Metal ensemble, pot lids, gamelan ensemble

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Date Created: 13/01/2014
Last Update: 13/01/2014
Current Version: 1
File Size: 1 GB
Requirements: Reason 6.5+
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