Shreddage Bass

Shreddage Bass is a clean (DI) picked electric bass library, recorded with a flexible and balanced tone that’s ready to drop into any mix. The sound and signal chain of a Music Man Sterling was carefully recorded in great depth and with the perfect EQ to create the samples. Though ideal for rock and metal music (particularly paired with Impact Soundworks Shreddage), it is versatile enough to be useful in many genres; just listen to the demos!

Fast and dynamic parts is where Shreddage Bass truly shines, thanks to its three dynamic layers and up to eight round robin variations (4x down and 4x up strokes) per note. Between sustain, staccato, and mute articulations, you can perform and sequence virtually any bass part with incredible realism and accuracy.

A variety of NN-XT sampler patches are included along with two powerful ‘all- in-one’ Combinator patches which include every articulation across the keyboard, velocity layers, and keyswitch notes. Switch from sustain to mute playing, open staccato, or slides instantly.

Shreddage Bass is an ideal bass instrument for virtually every genre, as you can hear from the audio demos. With easy playability, custom tone-shaping and amp/pedals, and intense detail, it will quickly become your go-to bass sound!

  • 1,800+ pristine DI (clean) samples
  • Drop Bb tuning
  • Open sustains & staccatos
  • Muted sustains & staccatos
  • Neck slides
  • 8x round robins, 3x velocity layers!
  • Selectable up and down strokes
  • Convenient all-in-one keyswitched (KSW) Combinator
  • Amp, pedal, and EQ sculpting knobs

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Date Created: 13/01/2014
Last Update: 13/01/2014
Current Version: 1
File Size: 310 MB
Requirements: Reason 6.5+
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