OB Resurrection Reason ReFill

OB Resurrection is a stunning new ReFill for Propellerhead Reason created by Nucleus SoundLab – focused on evolving the classic Oberheim* sound into the new millenium.

OB Resurrection relies on a large waveform base drawn from various Xpander and Matrix synths. Every classic sound is represented: Brass, Strings, Bells, raw Saw/Square/FM waveforms, Clavs, EPs, and many more. Not only that but a significant portion of the waveforms were created by running the synths through various analog and digital FX to create never-before-imagined sounds!

  • 230mb of carefully sampled/looped Oberheim waveforms.
  • 85 unique soundsets.
  • 88 amazing Combinators, as well as 85 NN-XT patches.
  • 2 demo songs packed in the Refill in RPS format.
  • A sweet hardware-inspired Combinator backdrop by Danny Adler.

*Oberheim is a trademark of Gibson USA. This product is neither endorsed, authorized, produced, or in any way affiliated with Gibson USA.

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Date Created: 23/07/2007
Last Update: 23/07/2007
Current Version: 1
File Size: 114MB
Requirements: Reason 4+
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