Antidote Combination

Here are our best sounds for EDM, Trance and House. Designed from the ground-up, to rule the dance floor; and polished to perfection. These sounds fit the mix, straight out of the virtual-box. Snappy-Plucks, Aggressive-Leads, Dreamy-Pads, Growling-Basses, Super-Saw Polys and even an entire Drum Kit, awaits you. Each of the combinators is unique, but they all share a common feature; a “Clean Mix” button that let’s you decide between the mud-free, sparkly bright tone (free of resonating frequencies) or the richer albeit darker sound. You have fun and be inspired, when you explore this ReFill.


  • 64 Unique Combinator Patches
  • 100 Antidote RE Instrument Patches
  • Propellerhead Reason 8.3+ and Synapse Audio Antidote Rack Extension required

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Date Created: 13/12/2016
Last Update: 13/12/2016
Current Version: 1.0
File Size: 4MB
Requirements: Reason 8, Antidote RE
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