Impulse Exploration 2 ReFill

Let’s continue our scientific journey into experimental-impulse-response research. This time around, we have developed a technique to produce outstanding rhythmic reverb spaces; utilizing intense frequency and amplitude modulation synthesis with the touch of granularity. Some of them resulting in the most vivid and lush ambiences you could imagine, other with glitchy stuttery twists. Sounds that are truly out of this world, that can yet be tamed to fit your reality. Our impulses will reverberate clearly in your convolution reverb engine, without any harsh resonances or struggles with equalisation. They are like pieces of glass, beautiful and clean with outstanding shapes and textures, yet coloured if need be. Trust your ears, these spatial shapes can be what it takes to transform your tracks into cinematic wonders or completely reinvent them as spatial masterpieces.


64 impulse response samples
48khz / 24bit wav files
64 Combinator & RV7000mk2 patches

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Date Created: 04/01/2016
Last Update: 04/01/2016
Current Version: 1.0
File Size: 30MB
Requirements: Propellerhead Reason 8.3
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