Granny Piano

Welcome to the Reason ReFill Edition of Soundiron’s classic Ol’ Busted Granny Upright Piano!

This instrument is pretty special to us, though it doesn’t sound all that fancy. Actually, it sounds pretty damn rough around the edges, but that’s just the way we like her. Sure, there are plenty of other great piano libraries out there, with their gleaming chrome and pristine strings, but none of them ever captured the authentic beauty of a cheap, dusty, beat up, rusting, long untuned upright piano. This is the kind of old heap your grandma had in her living room. This particular instrument has been in Soundiron co-founder Chris Marshall’s family for many years, before being passed on from one new home to the next. This was also one of the very first instruments Mike Peaslee deep-sampled. We don’t know the brand or model off hand, but she looked to be about 60 or 70 years old and quite beat up the last time we saw her. Originally recorded in 2006 and released under the Tonehammer brand in 2008, this library has become a classic, finding its way into a wide variety of soundtracks, trailers, commercials and records. We’re now proud to bring it to Reason, preserving all of the tone and playability that has made it an industry favorite. Give this old girl a whirl and show her a good time.

Her tone is watery and faded. There are a number of broken and dissonant strings, especially in the upper register. The wood is pitted, faded and banged up and the ivory is missing from a number of keys. Every key lands with a loud, wobbly, wooden thud and and lifted with a hollow rattle as soon as you lift your finger again. Sometimes, she seems creak and groan in the middle of the night, for no reason at all really. Clearly, the years have not been kind to her looks or her voice, but her soul truly has aged like a fine wine.

For the Reason ReFill Edition of Granny, we’ve included a variety of Combinator patches that feature front panel controls giving users the ability to shape the sound right at their fingertips. Users can control note attack to simulate pad-like sounds, note release, release sample volume and the volume of the pedal sound effect that plays when you use the sustain pedal (CC64). We also included a couple of nifty reverb effects and an awesome “Grahammy” mode which makes Granny sound like she’s coming out of an old phonograph, complete with vinyl record pops. We also included a selection of Geriatrocities – various sustaining pads and ambiences derived from the source material.


  • Tuned
  • Untuned
  • Soft action preset
  • Vocoded preset
  • Filter sweep preset
  • “Grammy-phone” record effect mode
  • Atmopsheric “Geriatrocity” pads and drones

Tech Specs

  • 22 Combinator presets
  • 22 NN-XT presets
  • 261 samples
  • 500 MB raw samples
  • Wav files included in the package for use in other samplers
  • 16bit/44kHz stereo wav


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Date Created: 28/07/2013
Last Update: 28/07/2013
Current Version: 1
File Size: 370 MB
Requirements: Reason 6.5+
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