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When Propellerhead Software released the Parsec Spectral Synthesiser Rack Extension, we knew that there was going to be something special about it. We took this wild beast into our lab, and twisted, cuddled and treated its partials and modifiers wisely. And from this, the Extension ReFill-Parsec was born.

Thanks to the unique nature of additive synthesis, we have managed to pull out some of the best sounds that we have ever heard! The greatest strength of Parsec is in it’s smooth pads and trancey synth patches; we explored that area as deep as we could – bringing the juicy supersaws and outwardly drone textures to a place where they could co-exist. We also didn’t forget about bass lovers or sound designers. And for those that are afraid of Parsec’s monstrous potential, we have included additional basic patches that will help you understand Parsec’s clear tonality soul. We strongly recommend this ReFill to all trance, electro, dubstep, house and other modern-genre producers, as well as game and movie soundtrack composers.


  • 170 Parsec Rack Extension instrument patches (15x Bass, 17x Mono , 28x Pad , 38x Poly , 22x SFX, 50x Simple)
  • 1 Demo song for Reason 7+

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Date Created: 31/12/2014
Last Update: 31/12/2014
Current Version: 1.0
File Size: 5MB
Requirements: Propellerhead Reason 7+ and Propellerhead Parsec Rack Extension
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