Extension ReFill – Noxious

Additive synthesis, using the Noxious Rack Extension, is like no other synthesizer experience. Its unique approach to synthesis is distinct from any other form of classic analogue instrument or modern digital invention. It has its own unique character, and we have fallen in love with the inspiring sonic depth that it can achieve. After multiple updates and improvements to this extraordinary and sophisticated machine, we couldn’t resist exploring the many new possibilities within its twisted modifiers and partials.
Our ingeniously crafted patches ranging from warm analogue basses, to the natural feel of classic polyphonic instruments or gritty metallic lead sounds will cut nicely through your groovy pumping mix. If you are scoring music for films or video games, the “Extension ReFill – Noxious” comes with a fresh set of haunting drone textures and beautiful pad soundscapes that are perfect for such uses. We have also got you covered for futuristic sound effects, tension builders and unique drum hits. Beyond the contemporary sounds mentioned above, there are many more innovative surprises that are waiting for you.


  • 150 Noxious Rack Extension instrument patches (21x Bass, 21x Mono, 21x Drone, 22x Pad, 22x Poly, 21x SFX, 22x Perc)
  • 1 Demo song (Reason 8 document)

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Date Created: 31/12/2014
Last Update: 31/12/2014
Current Version: 1.0
File Size: 4MB
Requirements: Propellerhead Reason 7+ and Noxious Rack Extension
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