Dragonfly Patches for Lennardigital Sylenth1

Dragonfly is a brand-new patchset for LennarDigital Sylenth1 created by Sonic Elements.

Dragonfly takes advantage of Sylenth1’s two tiered VA structure to redefine what is possible with this analog inspired scream machine. It contains patches with naturally evolving synthetic timbres.

Inside Dragonfly there are a wide range of styles and genres contained in this bank. You’ll find subtle textures and timbres, hands-up style leads and bass, pulsating rhythmic bliss, ambient and gothic tones, and searing trance patches from beyond the cosmos. Details:

  • 164 presets for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1
  • Compatible with Sylenth1 v2.2 PC/Mac
  • Modwheel, Aftertouch, and Velocity mapped on every preset
  • Emphasis on creating new and unheard of sounds with this VA monster
  • Emphasis on creating sounds that build-up & decay naturally.

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Date Created: 29/07/2009
Last Update: 29/07/2009
Current Version: 1
File Size: 35 KB
Requirements: Sylenth1 VST
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