A-Series Combination

It’s time for an uncompromising bit of modular madness. The untapped powers of the A-Series Rack Extensions have been revealed in its true limitless form. That’s right; we squeezed out all the juicy sounds in a way you would have never expected. Starring: multi-oscillator unisons, analog-style basses, physically-modeled pluck-generators, drum modules, VCA-VCF & ring modulators, granular-glitch effect processors and much more. Each combinator instrument and effect is completely different with unique modulation options set for each button and knob. Giving you limitless possibilities to explore the world of modular synthesis. Don’t wait, make your song perfect with A-Series Combination ReFill.

64 Unique Combinator instrument patches
32 Unique Combinator effect patches
2 Bonus Kong kits and samples

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Date Created: 21/07/2015
Last Update: 21/07/2015
Current Version: 1.0
File Size: 15MB
Requirements: Propellerhead Reason 7+ and Ohen.K - A-Series 1+A-Series 2 Rack Extensions required
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