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Impact Soundworks Everything BundleImpact Soundworks has arrived to the Nucleus SoundLab shop!  Get all the deep-sampled goodness in one bundle package - buy all 9 Impact Soundworks ReFills at a massive 50%+ discount.

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This addition to the acclaimed Physical Therapy series is packed full of one-of-a-kind exotic percussion sounds to take your Reason 5 tracks to totally new places. Using a variety of acoustic modeling hardware and software, along with an assortment of real live hand percussion instruments and drums, we designed a diverse and sonically rich set of tools to inspire your musical adventures. Focusing on .drum patches for Kong, Healing Hands contains 140 original Kong drum presets.

The drums are powered by 150 24 bit stereo samples, providing 3 velocity articulation layers for over 50 unique sound sources, as well as Kong's own physical modeling technology. Tribal skinned hand drums, metallic and glass bells, chimes and hand-held gongs, wood blocks, shakers, and hybrid percussion instruments that are from a world all their own. Additionally, you'll find over 70 24-bit stereo Rex loops, as well as a nice assortment of Kong Kits, Combinators and Dr. Octo Rex patches to help fuel your drum circle fire. Healing Hands provides one-of-a-kind inspirational sounds for Reason 5's most exciting new instrument. Mix, match and tweak these drums in endless combinations to create an never-ending supply of kits, loops and instruments of your very own!

  • 140 Kong .drum presets
  • 150 24-bit stereo samples
  • 72 Rex loops

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