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Filter-Research-ReFill-BundleGo effects crazy with our Filter Research Bundle - featuring our latest ReFill, Filter Research 4!

Kings of Kong is the premier ReFill for Propellerhead Reason's Kong Drum Designer.  All 50 drum machines from the Hollow Sun archive are on offer, plus three additional Jiggery-Pokery sets, fully mapped for Kong. Also exclusively sampled for this ReFill, two full Korg X5D FX kits. The hard work has been done: all you have to do is play!  Check out the entire list of drum machines that have been sampled in the downloadable documentation.


  • 64 drum machine presets for Kong, mapped for performance-friendly pad controllers
  • 55 drum machine presets for NNXT, mostly mapped with essential GM locations (C1–D#2)
  • Two 6-octave FX kits from the Korg X5D, sampled exclusively for this ReFill.
  • Two King Kong patches programmed by Jiggery-Pokery featuring full 16-pad Analogue Modelling and Physical Modelling drum sounds
  • 20 Kongbinator patches with different Reason effects applied
  • 102 REX loops for six Combinator rhythm boxes
  • – six classic rhythm machines including the granddaddy, the Acetone Rhythm King
  • 42 exclusive Line 6 Pod Farm FX box patches
  • Unique skin for each drum machine model
  • Sample folders by drum machine and by type (19 folders covering kicks, snares, cowbells, fx etc.)
  • Over 1,100 unique drum samples!


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