MultiBoost Pak Patches for Stylus RMX

Stylus RMX comes with the wonderful ability to layer loops, fx and tweak grooves – then save the results as a ‘multi-patch’. Did you find the multi-patches that ship with Stylus RMX inspiring? We did. Did they leave you wanting more? That’s where the MultiBoost Pak by Nucleus SoundLab comes in.

MultiBoost Pak is a highly unique collection of multi-patches for use with Stylus RMX. NSL lead sound designer Jeremy Janzen has focused on pushing the boundaries of whats possible with RMX multi-patches – creating totally new grooves from the core sample material included with RMX. Layering, chaos, muted layers, fx, and edit groups are all put to full usage. Details:

  • 130 hand-crafted multi-patches for use in Stylus RMX.
  • Covers a variety of BPMs between 58-145!
  • Suitable for various musical styles, including filmscore, dance, idm, ambient, ethnic, downtempo and more.
  • Many patches include muted layers, which when unmuted can completely change or mutate the groove!

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Date Created: 22/01/2007
Last Update: 22/01/2007
Current Version: 1
File Size: 300 kb
Requirements: Stylus RMX VST v1.51c+
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