Kazakh Dombra

Kazakh Dombra captures the traditional stringed instrument of the same name, recorded with the utmost authenticity. The dombra has a bright, percussive tone with a quick decay, making it ideal for very quick playing. It can be compared to the Japanese shamisen, or even a banjo, in that it is frequently strummed quickly along with rapid melodic lines.

To make the instrument as realistic as possible, every single note was sampled on both strings of the dombra, with up to 16 (8 up and 8 down) variations per note! All crucial playing techniques are included, such as sustains, mutes, chokes, trills (major & minor), slides, ‘mordents’ (quick pitch turns), and release noises. No fake-sounding transposed notes or repetition here.

The Kazakh Dombra is a fantastic tool for those looking to add an authentic East European / Russian sound to their arsenal. From chase scenes to underscore, virtuosic solo parts, or layering with other sounds of the region, we think you will find the textures of this instrument to be very musical and inspiring!

  • Deep-sampled two-stringed lute
  • 1,000+ samples / 6 Combinator patches
  • Up to 16x RR per note (8x up/8x down)
  • Intimate close-mic’d sound
  • Sustains, trills, mordents, tremolo
  • Mutes, hammer-ons, slides
  • Full chokes & strums
  • Combinator interface for extra tone tweaking

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Date Created: 13/01/2014
Last Update: 13/01/2014
Current Version: 1
File Size: 168 MB
Requirements: Reason 6.5+
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