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Filter-Research-ReFill-BundleGo effects crazy with our Filter Research Bundle - featuring our latest ReFill, Filter Research 4!

Until October 12th, 2013 - Save 20% on all New Atlantis Audio ReFills!

In the dead of winter we set out on field recording sessions in some of the iciest locations we could reach. We sampled a bowed upright bass outside in the middle of a blizzard, recorded giant tubular bells at the mouth of a cave, waves lapping on a frozen rocky beach, wind, snowstorms, creaking ice floes and more. We then took this material into the studio and with a whole lot of granular synthesis, resampling, some math and a little bit of voodoo we transformed them into a gorgeous set of playable musical instruments for your Reason rack that are oozing with character and unlike anything else on the planet. These instruments are simply stunning. Frostbite guaranteed.

  • 100 Combinators
  • Sampled at 24-bit.


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