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Thursday, 20 December 2012 13:07

Vast added to Christmas 2012 ReFill Bundle!

Today we've added Vast by Tom Pritchard Sound Design to our Christmas 2012 ReFill Bundle!  Vast is an amazing Thor-powered ReFill containing almost 500 Combinators, and normally retails for $70.

If you've already bought the bundle and paid $49.99 or more - Vast has already been added - FREE - to your personal bundle download page.  If you bought the bundle for less than $49.99, you can increase your order on your personal bundle download page to get all four Tier 2 ReFills!  Can't find your personal bundle download page?  You should have received a link after purchasing by email.  If you still can't find it, head to our Bundle Site and click the 'Download' link in the top right-corner.  Enter your email address and a new link will be sent over.

We hope you enjoy Vast!

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